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The Red Apron Butcher Boxes

Deliciousness, Delivered

The Butcher’s Box is a CSA-style, subscription meat program that supports local farmers while helping to feed your family (and ours). Your commitment to this program enables us to source the highest quality beef, pork and poultry direct from the farm.

Every month, we’ll design our Butcher’s Box based on the whole animals we receive from our farmer partners. We cut, we curate, we crate so that you can receive packages of fresh, pasture-raised and grass-fed meats every month. We include a signature recipe with every box, as well as a customized playlist created by our Musical Maestro Chef/Butcher Nate Anda. We have 6 pick-up locations in Virginia and DC, and we hope one of those spots fits your fancy.

How It Works: In Three Easy Steps


We have two Butcher’s Box options, Biggie and Biggie Big. We offer three subscription options, three, six (5% discount), nine (7.5% discount) and twelve month (10% discount, that’s more than one month free). You can also add pantry items and specialty cuts from our web store, exclusive to members.


We practice whole-animal butchery, that means that we have a variety of cuts, ground meat, sausages, stocks, and charcuterie. Your Butcher’s Box will include fresh, beef, pork and/or chicken to use that week or freeze for later.  Some cuts might be new to you, but don't worry because our rock star of a butcher, Nate, is going to include some cooking tips.


Your Butcher’s Box package will be waiting for you at your selected pickup location on the first Tuesday of the month. Now get cooking!




What happens if I miss a pick-up?

Perish the thought, but our meats are perishable and space is limited.  We are going to give you time though, boxes arrive on Tuesday morning and we will hold them through Wednesday. Should an emergency arise, please contact us within 24 hours for a late pick-up.


Can I add things to my order?

Visit our just-for-members web store for pantry items and add ons but remember to shop at least a week before your scheduled pick up.


Can I change my pick-up location?

Sure thing, just give us one week notice!


What if I'm going out of town?

If you need to skip a month, you can put your account on hold through Farmigo.  Again, please let us know at least one week in advance.



Payments and Refunds

We use web-based software program called Farmigo to manage Butcher's Box subscriptions.  You  have access to your own accounts where you will be able to make changes your subscription, edit you credit card info, or place your subscription on hold. We accept payments via credit card.  We have subscription options of three, six and twelve months (remember, the more meat, the bigger the savings).  Subscriptions will automatically renew.  When you shop in the web store, you can make payments through your saved payment method.  Subscriptions are non-refundable but if you are not satisfied, please send us an email at, we're only happy when you're happy!



You can make changes by signing in to your Farmigo account.  Any changes should be made at least one week before your next pickup.



We will be sending periodic emails through Farmigo to remind you when it is time to order, pickup or if there are issues with your account.  When you sign up for your Butcher's Box, you agree to read all email communication from us and we agree to keep you in the know.

“To live life without veal or chicken stock, fish cheeks, sausages, cheese, or organ meats is treasonous”

Anthony Bourdain

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